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Traditional Greenlandic foods at the Hotel Sisimiut buffet

Sassannguit – a traditional Greenlandic experience near Sisimiut

Fishing and hunting are a core part of life for many Greenlanders, who have long known self-sufficiency and how to live off the land thanks to their Inuit ancestors. Traditional practices (including using sled dogs) are still widely embraced, though these are now supplemented by the latest technology and a wide range of food and […]

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Example of a different style of painting in Mike Kristiansen's Tupilak art exhibition at Taseralik in Sisimiut, Greenland

Tupilak art exhibition – Sisimiut – Greenland

Greenland is a land of artists. I’ve written several times about how Greenlandic music is some of the best music you’ve never heard of, but the country also has a plethora of amazing artists. In Nuuk, I would often visit the Nuuk Art Museum, Nuuk Local Museum, Katuaq Cultural Centre, and Groenlandsbanken (yes, really) to

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hiker taking photograph of the ocean on a snowshoeing trip near sisimiut

Sisimiut Snowshoeing adventure

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a mad, keen hiker 😉 And in the last year I’ve discovered the winter equivalent – snowshoeing! Read more about a relatively short snowshoeing trip I did in February with  Hotel Sisimiut and Tours in my Snowshoing in Sisimiut blog post at Guide to Greenland. For more information about Sisimiut- check out

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Sisimiut Monster Snowmobile

Having just done my first snowmobile adventure, I discovered that Sisimiut also has monster snowmobiling trips into the backcountry! These are a little more sedate and definitely a lot warmer than the typical snowmobile tour! Read more about this fantastic way to see the marvelous Sisimiut backcountry in comfort with my Monster Snowmobiling in Sisimiut blog post

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Huge icebergs in Disko Bay - Sarfaq Ittuk - West Greenland

Sarfaq Ittuk – Day 5 – Sisimiut – Ilulissat

On the final day on board Sarfaq Ittuk, I awoke to the ship pulling into Aasiaat (population = 3164). Greenland’s 5th largest town is located on an archipelago of low islands and is the only place I’ve been in Greenland that doesn’t have a mountain standing over it! Given I would be returning to Aasiaat

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