the message to me inside of a book on the Arctic Circle Trail

A message in a “bottle” from the Arctic Circle Trail

I’m often surprised at how small the world is. And, for all of its enormous size, how incredibly small Greenland is.

The other day I received a Facebook message with 2 images (blurred by FB) from a person I didn’t know saying:

Hi lisa! I don’t know if anyone has sent this to you yet. It was in the Innajuattoq 2 hut

Given this person could clearly associate me with the Arctic Circle Trail, I clicked on each of the images to reveal them and discovered …

A message to me, written on the inside page of a book!

the message to me inside of a book on the Arctic Circle Trail

I can’t tell you how many times I have dreamed of sealing a message in a bottle and throwing into in the ocean, only for someone years later to contact me saying they’d picked it up on some far-flung beach. So to actually receive such a message (kind of) – well, I have to admit it was one of the most amazing things to have happened this year!

Especially since I had no idea at all that the message had been left!

Think of all the things that had to fall into place for me to receive this message:

  • my colleague, Alessandro (who I haven’t seen for 15? years) mentioning me living in Sisimiut to his former student
  • her choosing to write the message in the book and leave it in one of the ACT huts
  • the lovely hiker who found the message in the book deciding to track me down (admittedly not that difficult), even though I may have already received the message

I was so tickled and so incredibly grateful to the hiker that I invited her round for dinner when she arrived in Sisimiut and she presented me with the book 😀

book and message delivered to me from the Arctic Circle Trail

And what was the book?

Front cover of the book where the message to me was written

Greenland really is a tiny, tiny place despite being the world’s largest island!

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