Inspiration board for the Hotel Sisimiut create your own memories workshop - West Greenland

Greenland – Sisimiut souvenir workshop

Working my way through the folder of activities at the Hotel Sisimiut, I came across a single A4 page offering the opportunity to “create your own memories” by making your own Greenlandic souvenir.  Awesome idea!  I was super excited, because I love to make things for myself (e.g. jewelry in Nicaragua and El Salvador, a […]

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Jewelry making in Conversation classes

My conversation teacher for the third week at La Mariposa Escuela de Español (we change conversation teachers each week) was Layda.  In our first class, we started talking about interests and I found out she’d recently done a community course on beaded jewelry making. Given my love of jewelry I asked her more about it and she suggested that

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