Traditional Greenlandic foods at the Hotel Sisimiut buffet

Sassannguit – a traditional Greenlandic experience near Sisimiut

Fishing and hunting are a core part of life for many Greenlanders, who have long known self-sufficiency and how to live off the land thanks to their Inuit ancestors. Traditional practices (including using sled dogs) are still widely embraced, though these are now supplemented by the latest technology and a wide range of food and goods shipped in from all over the world.

Traditional Greenlandic foods at the Hotel Sisimiut Buffet

A selection of traditional Greenlandic foods – from the Hotel Sisimiut’s buffet

This need to import supplies and the isolation of the island makes the cost of living in Greenland very expensive, so residents use a range of strategies to try and conserve their money. These include:

  • hunting and fishing their own meat
  • investing in copious amounts of freezer space
  • drying meats
  • smoking meats
  • foraging for other foods
  • shopping the specials at the supermarket

We experienced several of these practices first-hand when we went on a weekend fishing trip with West Greenland Wildlife. The following blog posts detail our traditional Greenlandic experience on the Arctic Circle.

Sassannguit is located just south of Greenland’s second-largest city, Sisimiut. If you are planning to visit Sisimiut – make sure you read my Ultimate Travel Guide to Sisimiut over at Guide to Greenland.

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