A field of white crosses and plastic flowers marking the graves in the cemetery just outside of Tasiilaq on the way to the Flower Valley

Hiking Greenland – Tasiilaq and the Flower Valley

My original plan was to catch boat transfers between Kulusuk and Tasiilaq – and that’s what I’d booked in advance.  However, a few days before my arrival in East Greenland, the company I was arranging things through suggested that it might be safer to book the helicopter transfer, given the large amount of pack ice …

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The view across the Nuuk Fjord to an iconic mountain from near Café Inuk in Nuuk, Greenland

Eating Typical Greenlandic Food in Nuuk

After 2 weeks of hiking in great weather in South Greenland, I arrived to cold, wet and wind in the capital, Nuuk.  I was picked up at the airport by my Airbnb host, Rene, and taken to the accommodation.  It was absolutely awesome – my own space with a separate entrance, fridge, microwave and bathroom, and only …

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Hiking Greenland – Narsarsuaq Glacier

The weather in Greenland can be a little like the weather in Melbourne.  In other words, quite unpredictable.  When I set out on the Narsarsuaq Glacier hike (green trail in the map below) at 8:30am, it was very overcast and starting to spit with rain.  By the time I was ready for the return journey …

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The river leading from the Glacier and the Glacier itself in background as seen from the viewpoint of the Ridge Hike near Narsarsuaq, South Greenland

Hiking Greenland – Narsarsuaq Ridge

My transfer from Qassiarsuk to Narsarsuaq didn’t leave until 2pm, which meant that I didn’t really have time to do much of a hike at either place, despite the glorious weather!   Fortunately, the Ridge Hike (yellow in the map below) from Narsarsuaq is a relatively short route up to a view of the Narsarsuaq Glacier (Kiattuut Sermiat), …

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Sheep and the Qorlortup Itinnera valley near Qassiarsuk, South Greenland

Hiking Greenland – Qassiarsuk – Qorlortup Itinnera – Tasiusaq

I wasn’t greeted with the best weather I’ve had in South Greenland today, but decided to head out to do the Qassiarsuk – Qorlortup Itinnera – Tasiusaq – Qassiarsuk loop hike (yellow, followed by upper red in the below). I had to pass all the way through Qassiarsuk to reach the start of the hike, and that included …

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Small icebergs fill the fjord near Tasiusaq. View while hiking from Sillisit to Qassiarsuk via Nunataaq in South Greenland

Hiking Greenland – Sillisit to Qassiarsuk

Another beautiful day in South Greenland 😊  So much so – it was very, very hard for me to leave my perch on the front deck of the Sillisit Hostel for the hike over to Qassiarsuk! The most common way to hike between the two places is via the dirt road that basically follows the fjord (solid …

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Tunulliarfik Fjord as seen from the Waterfall Hike near Igaliku in South Greenland

Hiking Greenland – Igaliku Waterfall

The other main day-hike from Igaliku, is the Waterfall Hike (marked in yellow on the map below), which heads off in the opposite direction to the Lakes and Plateau Hike I did yesterday.  I have to admit, I was less excited by this one, because after almost a year and a half of travel, it has …

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