Wildlife of the Finca Esperanza Verde

One of the many fabulous things about the Finca Esperanza Verde is the opportunity to spot a wide variety of wildlife.   For example, if you want to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with hummingbirds – this is a wonderful spot!

finca esperanza verde hummingbirds

But hummingbirds (colibri) are not the only birds here – not by a long way!

finca esperanza verde birds

As I described in my last post, I fulfilled a childhood dream and saw my first 2-toed and 3-toed sloths here at the Finca.

finca esperanza verde sloths

Monos Congos (Howler Monkeys) are very common and act as a natural alarm clock most mornings.  Was lucky enough this time to see some with their babies.

finca esperanza verde howler monkeys

The Finca also has an extensive garden (flowers and vegetables) and grows a large amount of the food that guests eat.  This is the perfect spot to see a wide variety of butterflies.

finca esperanza verde butterflies

The best way to see the wildlife is to go on a hike with Omar or Umberto – they are amazing at being able to spot everything.   Or keep your own eyes open as you walk around.  You’ll see the hummingbirds at very least 😉  They are pretty hard to miss!


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