Trivia quiz at Vía Vía

With Katrina and Daniel – a couple I met yesterday on the NicaAsí Cooking Tour – we decided to tackle the Vía Vía trivia quiz last night.   It was good fun hanging out with a bunch of new people, and lasted longer than any other pub quiz I’ve ever done!

It began an hour late (about 9:30pm) and then there was a lot of time to think about answers to each question.   In the end, 25 questions took 1h 45mins!

via via trivia

We – “Nice little Penguins” (piece of trivia for you – where is the name from – no internet allowed!) had 7 people – from England, Ireland, Switzerland, Denmark and Australia – and ended up coming 4th out of about 20. Note each of us drew a penguin on the top of the page to try to score some extra points – didn’t work 🙁

Impossible question of the night was Round 1 Q2. Name the lead singer of Australian band Air Supply. Everyone looked at me. Yes, I know it’s not Leo Sayer, but couldn’t remember who it was to save my life – even though I loved the band! I figured they both had curley hair so why not at least write something…  I think every single group got that wrong 🙂

And if it meant winning, we were going to challenge their answer to Round 5, Q1.   The question was “Where does the QWERTY keyboard get its name from”.  The official answer was A which was “From the first 5 letters of the keyboard”.  However, QWERTY is 6 letters…..  and we decided to answer “none of the above”.   Decided not to press the point when we couldn’t have won anyway 🙂

Great night chatting and meeting new people though!


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