Fritanga – eating cheaply in Nicaragua

If you want to eat well but cheaply in Nicaragua – you should check out a fritanga!   They can be found on the footpath in pretty much every small town and generally kick off a bit before dusk (though the setup starts about about 3:30pm).

Nicaragua fritanga leon

Nicaragua fritanga leon

Basically, they are a grill BBQ that usually has beef, chicken and pork on the go.  Very tasty, nice and salty!  It is usually served with the ubiquitous Gallo Pinto (rice and frijoles) and salad (shredded cabbage).

Nicaragua fritanga leon - meat, meat, and more meat

Nicaragua fritanga leon - meat, meat and more meat

This particular fritanga was out the back of the Cathedral de Asunscion (in front of the main market) in León.  After a month of predominantly vegetarian food, I was really hanging out for some beef so ordered that tonight.  90 Cordobas ($AUD4.50) for a large plate 🙂

There are even vegetarian options is you really want some serious deep-fat-fry!

Nicaragua fritanga leon - vegetarian options

And you can get it to take away!   If you ask for take away, they load up a banana leaf with the Gallo Pinto, meat and salad, fold it up and put it in a little baggie for you.   They then give you another little baggie of chile congo to add on top if you like.  In the below image, one of the ladies is preparing a take away with the banana leaf.

Nicaragua fritanga leon - if you ask for takeaway, it comes wrapped in a banana leaf

Absolutely fabulous meal … will be back for more later in the week!


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