Sunset bathing the tips of the peaks behind the Tasiilaq Mountain Hut with a golden light. The hut is in the foreground

Trekking Greenland – Unplugged Wilderness Day 10

Day 10 of the Unplugged Wilderness Trek was to see us scaling the almost vertical, boulder-strewn mountain behind the Tasiilaq Mountain Hut.  However, we awoke to rain on the roof and Maxime decided it would be too dangerous to attempt with the weather as it was.  Plus we wouldn’t actually see anything.

Raindrops on the window of the Tasiilaq Mountain Hut, looking out onto fog and terrible weather
It was much better inside the Tasiilaq Mountain hut than out!

He didn’t have to work too hard to convince us, and we all spent the day relaxing in the comfort of the hut.  Mostly this involved a lot of talking, and drinking copious amounts of tea and coffee.

The group hanging out around the dining table at the Tasiilaq Mountain Hut
Hanging out around the dining table in the Tasiilaq Mountain Hut. Photo: Mathilde Bousson

Eating more Travellunch dried food.

The group sitting around the dining table at Tasiilaq Mountain Hut eating lunch
Fortunately we had a different type of Travellunch cuisine for each meal

Reading, and playing innumerable games of UNO.  I have to admit, I learned some new, country-specific rules to what I thought was a universal game in this hut!  I still think some of them were made up on the spot…

Several of the group playing UNO around the dining table at the Tasiilaq Mountain Hut
There were some seriously dodgy rules being thrown around in these games

I also ducked in to have the best nanna-nap ever during the afternoon, having not slept much the night before!

Two platforms with 5 mattresses on each, form the shared bedroom of the Tasiilaq Mountain Hut
The Tasiilaq Mountain Hut sleeps 10 people in the main dormitory (we had a few in the kitchen as well). Throw your sleeping bag down and get cosy! Photo: Dusan Číčel

The rain did stop eventually so it was nice to get outside for a bit of fresh air

The Tasiilaq Mountain Hut and its surroundings

and to watch the sun fade over the Tasiilap Kua Valley below.

Clouds highlighted in pink as the Sun sets over the Tasiilap Kua valley - as seen from the Tasiilaq Mountain Hut
View of the Tasiilap Kua Valley from the Tasiilaq Mountain Hut

There was also a pretty spectacular golden light show on the tips of the peaks above the hut.

Sunset bathing the tips of the peaks behind the Tasiilaq Mountain Hut with a golden light. The hut is in the foreground
Another favourite image

Hopefully a sign of better weather for tomorrow!

Trekking Time:  0 hours

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