Looking out the window at Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan was a fascinating country, and there were plenty of things that struck me as we journeyed through it.  Those that were particularly common/memorable:

Flat desert scenery 

Flat desert scenery - Darvaza Crater - Turkmenistan

Fancy green signs

roadsign - Turkmenistan

Gas pipelines with a U-shaped dog-leg every couple of hundred metres

gas pipelines - Turkmenistan

Image of the President all over (yes, that is an LED screen!)

Image of the president - Turkmenistan

Green roofs

green roofs - Turkmenistan

Pristine cities connected by the world’s worst roads

Turkmenistan city

White marble and gold, including acres and acres of new, state-owned apartment buildings 

Turkmen apartments - Turkmenistan

The 8-pointed star.  It is absolutely everywhere: on houses, railings, traffic light stands, framework that holds up large road signs, overpasses, bridge railings … anywhere it is possible to put it as decoration, it is there. 

8-pointed star - Turkmenistan

Traditional provincial carpet designs.  Also found absolutely everywhere they can possibly be put.  Love that they have such pride in this carpet tradition!

Traditional carpet designs - Turkmenistan

Extremely tiny (narrow) and thin young women in headscarves and long, brightly coloured, fitted dresses with an embroidered front.  Do Turkmen women eat at all?

Turkmen women - Turkmenistan

In addition, there were the irrigation canals and scarecrows, and the beautiful blue bird with long tail, which unfortunately I didn’t manage to get photos for.  It is very difficult to take photos out of a very bouncy overland truck!


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