Looking out the window at Iran

Some very quick impressions about Iran:

Bloody hot (she says with a beetroot-coloured face)!

It was stinking hot! - Persepolis - Iran

Women at both extremes – those who cover up completely with a black Chador, and those who flaunt as much as possible the restrictions they are currently placed under (the headscarf is meant to cover all hair).

Flaunting as much as possible in Iran

Water fountains everywhere in the cities with drinkable water (at least I didn’t get sick)  Awesome idea!

communal water fountains - Iran

Donation boxes along many of the main streets in towns.  Love this idea as well!

donation box - Iran

Rice paddies and blackberry bushes in the northwest.  Not sure why I was surprised to see rice paddies given rice is a key ingredient in Iranian cuisine.

rice paddies - northern Iran

Desert further south – somewhat similar to what you see in Chile

camping in the desert of Iran
Camping in the desert of Iran

Upright beach shelters used as tents for camping – including on the footpaths and in the parks of towns.   There are actually signs to tell people not to do this.

weird places to camp - iran

People picnicking. Even during Ramadan, groups of Iranians would spread out their blankets under a tree and picnic … with no food.

Picnicing in Naqsh-e Jahan Square at night - Esfahan - Iran

Trucks! Soooooo many trucks (unfortunately I didn’t manage to get an illustrative photo)! I thought we had a truck problem in Australia on our roads, but the numbers of trucks travelling the roads in Iran is truly staggering!  Fortunately, and unlike Australia, the Iranians have built dual carriageways to allow you to overtake.

trucks - Iran

Motorbikes! Sooooooo many motorbikes!  And they go anywhere and everywhere, including everywhere that pedestrians are trying to walk.  Watch out!

motorbikes everywhere - Iran

Billboards of martyrs everywhere lining the sides of the roads

billboards of martyrs - Iran

As well as:

  • Images of Ayatollah Khomeni and the current Ayatollah Khamenei are everywhere! Apparently, even though Khomeni has been dead since 1989, he adds weight to Khamenei  if they appear together
  • Traffic lights that don’t actually control traffic – the majority just blink orange
  • Speed bumps everywhere
  • Dead watermelons on side of road, their pink guts splattered all over the bitumen, drying in the sun
  • Men everywhere
  • Very few people smoke, and I never saw anyone drinking alcohol (it is illegal, but there is a black market)

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