Government propaganda – Cuba

There is a lot of propaganda about Fidel, Che and the revolution in Cuba – some of it really quite artistic.

Because Fidel and Raul are still alive, the propaganda featuring them tends to be on billboard along the highways (the only type of advertising along the highways in Cuba).   It is Che and Cienfuegos that feature heavily in the street art within the towns and cites.

Cuba propaganda

I also liked this sign I found explaining the concept of the revolution.

Cuba Revolution Concept

It translates as:

  • It’s a historic moment
  • It’s changing everything that should be changed
  • It’s equality and liberty
  • It’s to be treated and to treat everyone else as human beings
  • It’s to free ourselves with our own efforts
  • It’s to defy powerful forces within and outside of social and national spheres
  • It’s to defend the values we believe in regardless of price and sacrifice
  • It’s modesty, altruism, solidarity and heros
  • It’s to fight with audaciousness, intelligence and realism
  • It’s to never lie or violate ethical principles
  • It’s the profound conviction that there is no force in the world capable of breaking the power of the truth and ideas
  • Revolution is unity, independence and fighting for our dreams of justice for Cuba and the world, which is the basis of our patrimony, our socialism and our internationalism.

Signed by Fidel Castro.


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