The Southern Cross from Nicaragua

Did you know that you can see the Southern Cross and Pointers from Nicaragua?

I was really very, very surprised to discover this the other night!   Very, very low on the horizon – but there they were, peeking out from between the tree branches at the Albergue Celentiname where we spent the night on the Isla San Fernando in the Solentiname Archipeligo.

Can you spot them?

southern cross from nicaragua

The orange glow you can see are actually several fires burning.   Minor (our guide) was telling us that people deliberately set the fires to flush the deer (and other animals) out of the forest so they can kill them for their meat the skins 🙁

Also saw the Southern Cross and Pointers from the verandah of the Hotel Sábalos, partially reflected in the water of the Río San Juan (much easier to spot!).  If you  look closely, you can even see the Coal Sack nebula and the start of the emu in the sky 🙂

Southern cross from nicaragua

Not a patch on what you can see from the Southern Hemisphere, but somehow really special for me to be able to see it from here.


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