Río Frio birdwatching

Another of our adventures at La Esquina del Lago Jungle River Lodge was to head up the Río Frio to the border with Costa Rica spotting birds and other animals.   We left very early in the morning (Jackson was again our guide) with a beautiful mist over the river.

Río Frio Los Guatuzos Reserve

The following are just a selection of the birds that we spotted, including: Anhinga (Pato Aguja), Ringed Kingfisher, Snowy Egret, Passerinis’s Tanager, Great Kiskadee amongst others.

Río Frio Nicaragua birds

Loved the Bare-Throated Tiger Heron with the truly impressive neck stretch.

Río Frio Nicaragua birds

And the Great Egret – which seems to be the most common bird in these parts.

Río Frio Nicaragua birds

We also saw 2 of the 3 species of mokey in Nicaragua – Howler Monkeys (top) and White-headed Capuchins (bottom).

Río Frio monkeys

And an iguana.

riofrio-1034 - Copy

But it was more than just animals.   We also passed several homes and people going about their daily business.

Río Frio Nicaragua rier life

In total, we were out on the river for almost 3 hours, and although it would have been better without the noise of the motor – it did allow us to travel quite some distance!  Beautiful morning 🙂


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