Raspado in León

Wander through the Central Park of León on any day and you’ll find brightly painted wooden push carts with several glass bottles lined up on top.   These are the Raspado sellers and one of the institutions of León.

Raspado leon

Inside, the cart is lined with aluminium and contains a large block of ice.  The Raspado sellers use an ice brush to scrape the ice into a container (kind of like the shaved ice in Singapore) and then add the syrup of your choice.

Raspado leon

Popular syrups are Pineapple and Tamarind, but I chose Dulce de Leche – essentially caramel. Wasn’t sure how it would go (seemed it would go better with something milk based) but once I mixed it in, it was actually really good!

Raspado leon

Perfect way to cool off in the heat of the afternoon in León!


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