Hinnarik Kammanilu – Greenlandic music

“Hinnarik Kammanilu” are the most popular children’s performers in Greenland. Celebrating their 15th anniversary this year, it shows that buck teeth, a melodica (one of those small keyboards you play with your mouth), an acoustic guitar, and fun songs specifically written for children will forever make you a hit with the kids.

In Australia, we have “The Wiggles”. In Greenland, we have “Hinnarik Kammanilu”.

Poster for the free concert at Nuuk Centre

Translated as “Hinnarik and Friend”, this singing comedic duo have been entertaining the kids of Greenland for 15 years. As part of their anniversary celebration, they were playing free 20-minute concerts in the Nuuk Centre (Nuuk’s shopping mall – the only one in Greenland), so of course I had to go along. Partially this was to experience the Hinnarik phenomenon for myself. And partially because the “friend” is Frederik Elsner – one of the songwriters and lead singers of my favourite band in all the world – Nanook.

I arrived to an absolutely packed house.  Standing room only, and even then, only at the back.

Standing room only!

So, I loitered at the end of their 20-minute performance while they signed CDs, hoping they would play again and I could get myself into a much better position.


Prime position for the second of the free Hinnarik Kammanilu shows

There were songs I actually recognized!

Hinnarik Kammanilu – Kamaleruit

And others that I didn’t but were truly addictive.

Hinnarik Kammanilu – Diisaq
Hinnarik Kammanilu – Kaakkukkakkit

It was a fun show 😊 and the 20 minutes flew by very quickly!

Afterwards, they met this latest audience of kids and signed more autographs.  And judging by the way the CDs were flying off the table, there will be a lot of “Hinnarik Kammanilu” playing all over Nuuk during the next little while!

Hinnarik signing autographs at the end of the free concert at the Nuuk Centre, West Greenland
Meeting the fans

I only wish I could understand what they were singing!

Hinnarik Kammanilu have a Facebook page if you want to follow along, and you can order their latest CD from the Atlantic Music Store in Nuuk.

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