Working out in Antigua

The Street Food Tour was the first of 4 foodie activities I had planned for my stay in Antigua.  So to counter all this (and the fact that I ate waaaaaaay too many pupusas in El Salvador) I decided I had to get back into working out in earnest.   Also helps that I’ve finally found some cooler weather!

Given that I’m staying in a dorm room, and there is a distinct lack of nice places to work out in Antigua (it’s all a bit cobblestone-y, I’m not sure how the Krysta finds such nice places to work out for the 12 Minute Athlete),  I decided to join Antigua’s Gym for the duration of my stay.

It’s a very cool place that is really well equipped, and where you end up working out under what looks like a circus tent!

Antigua's Gym

So I’m back doing High Intensity Interval Training with the 12 Minute Athlete app and am having fun exploring the workouts that use equipment (normally I can only do those that use bodyweight and a skipping rope given that is all I have with me).  It’s amazing how much fitness you can lose in a month, and it turns out hiking up volcanoes once/week isn’t enough to retain it 🙁

While that is my morning workout, I have also been returning in the evenings to do a group class – in particular, I did my first Zumba class the other day.  Not sure how Zumba is normally, but the class I did seemed to be a cross between 1990s step aerobics and latin dancing.   Not a lot of cueing going on (goes against my aerobics instructor training), but a decent workout and I didn’t do too badly given I was a novice.

I was so enthusiastic after my first Zumba class that I decided to go to the International Zumba Masterclass that was to be held the next night.  It cost 20 Quetzales (about $3), all proceeds went to the Hospital Pedro de Bethancourt, and both local and international Zumba instructors led the exercise program.

There was a very impressive turnout and it was rather crowded in the Salon Cesar Brañas, especially once everyone started moving!   I was one of about 5 gringos there, and there were a few men in the crowd – but predominantly Guatemalan women decked out in the Zumba-branded attire.  And not just from Antigua, there was a fair contingent make the trip from Guatemala City!  Here’s a taste of proceedings.

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I have to admit, I do feel better for having started working out again. And I ask myself again – why did I ever stop?  It’s so painful to get back into it…


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