Cheese Platters – Yet another addiction

Another of my obsessions when travelling is to tuck into any cheese platters I manage to come across.   While this would cause massive issues to my health and waistline in some countries (Australia, France, etc), in Latin America cheese platters are actually reasonably rare.

I’ve managed to find 3 so far in 5 months – the latest one at Bistrot Cinq, one of several French eateries here in Antigua.  Actually, I didn’t find it – I was told about it – Julia you shouldn’t do such things!

cheese platter - Bistrot Cinq - Antigua

It is hands-down the best cheese platter I’ve had in Latin America.   Soft ripe goats cheese, a camembert, a blue, and two hard cheeses (forgot to ask!) as well as candied figs and grapes, all served with a crusty baguette.    I actually only ate 1/2 for lunch today, I’ve got the other 1/2 for lunch tomorrow 🙂   Unfortunately it was also hands-down the most expensive cheese platter I’ve had in Latin America – but  oh well.  You only live once!



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