Looking out the window at Kyrgyzstan

The way I’m traveling at the minute is not my typical style. Usually I spend a fair amount of time in a place before moving onto the next, and I rarely have a set schedule for doing so – if I like a place, I’ll stay longer.  If I don’t like a place, then I’ll move on.

So I’ve had to really change the way I think in order to deal with the rapid pace and set schedule of the current trip.    I actually chose to do an overland tour precisely because I wanted to travel along the Silk Road, and that is how I’ve come to think of it – I’m on my “mechanical camel” plodding (the roads have been really bad for much of it, and even on the rare occasion they have been decent we are speed limited to 90km/hr) along the Silk Road.   It’s not about the destinations so much (they are an added bonus), it is about the journey.

Which means that I spend a heck of a lot of time sitting in the overland truck staring out the window.

Staring out the window - Turkmenistan

And I’m loving it!

One thing these endless hours of quiet contemplation reveals is patterns within the country we are traveling through.  I don’t often know the reason behind some of these things – lacking a person to ask – and I don’t have a picture for all of them (it’s unbelievably difficult to take pictures out of a moving truck when you are being bounced around like you are on a kid’s jumping castle), but here they are anyway 🙂

Kyrgyzstan is a land of:

  • Mountains

mountains kyrgyzstan

  • Transformers at ground level

transformer - kyrgyzstan

  • Blue  painted decorative windows

blue windows - kyrgyzstan

  • Decorative woodwork

blue windows - Kyrgyzstan

  • This fence

Fence - Kyrgyzstan

  • Re-purposed rail cars

repurposed railcars - kyrgyzstan

  • Cherry blossoms

cherry blossoms - Kyrgyzstan

  • Abandoned buildings
  • Half finished buildings that don’t look like they will ever be completed 

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