La Warmi Cooking Class – Cuenca, Ecuador

Apart from the Culinary tour I did in Quito when I first arrived in Ecuador, other opportunities for cooking workshops have been few and far between.  However, wandering down a random street in Cuenca I saw a sign outside of the restaurant “La Warmi” that was advertising one for that very night.   Must have been meant to be!

The menu was:

  • Locro de Papas  (potato soup – very common in Ecuador)
  • Camarones al Ajillo (garlic prawns – hmmm ok not what I associate with Ecuadorian food)
  • Muchines (yucca dessert – also common in Ecuador)

For a change, I wasn’t the only participant!  There was a couple from France who were also keen cooking-school attendees (I immediately recommended the Uncorked Cooking Workshop in Santiago, Chile – one of my favourite cooking experiences ever), and a lady from the US.   And for the first time ever – we had to wear hair nets!  Not even in the cooking schools I’ve done in Australia have I had to do this 🙂

La Warmi cooking class - Cuenca, Ecuador

The recipes were really easy, and we all helped out with the food preparation and cooking.

La Warmi cooking class - Cuenca, Ecuador

Including picking up some tips around working with yucca, and the secret to making patacónes (use a tortilla press obviously!) along the way.

La Warmi cooking class - Cuenca, Ecuador

And, of course, once the cooking was finished – we got to enjoy eating our creations! 🙂

La Warmi cooking class - Cuenca, Ecuador
Left: Locro de Papas; Middle: Camarones al Ajillo; Right: Muchines

The Locro de Papas was really amazing (will definitely be making it again!), the garlic prawns were nice, but they were just garlic prawns, and I have to admit that the Muchine is not my favourite dessert – it was OK though.

Recommendation:  Not sure if they usually run this in English (I think they do), but because the French couple and I all spoke spanish, it was actually done in spanish (we ended up translating for the lady from the US).   Perhaps ask first before signing up.

Cost:  $25

Time: About 2.5 hours.



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