Farewell to La Mariposa

Big day when I finally headed out of La Mariposa Spanish School and EcoHotel to start my travel adventures! ¬† The great news is that my formal spanish-learning journey is over – I am at the highest level of advanced spanish in both writing and speaking … almost bilingual ūüôā ¬† ¬†The rest is really about refining a few little things (damn gender with adjectives!) and simply getting out there and speaking to as many people as possible.

Thank you Paulette and La Mariposa and all the amazing staff who work there, including all the conversation teachers I’ve had (Kinema, Jenny, Alba, Johanna, Charly, Brandon, Layda). ¬† And a special massive thanks to Eliza who has been my teacher for almost 3 months in total. ¬† I know you said I achieved¬†this last part¬†myself over the past 6 weeks, but I couldn’t have done it without you! ¬† I’m going to really miss our classes!


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