Releasing Rescued Grey Foxes

About 2 weeks ago, 4 orphaned grey foxes were dropped off at La Mariposa Escuela de Español after their mother had been shot.   They were nursed back to health at the school with the aim of releasing them once they were strong enough.

A couple of days ago, we set them free in the Cañada Honda – a 140 acre private reserve that was established by La Mariposa with the help of Asociación Tierra to prevent deforestation and provide a safe haven for wildlife.

releasing rescued grey foxes in Cañada Honda
Pedro, Ismael and Herman hiking into the reserve to release the grey foxes.  We wanted to release them away from other animals (e.g. local dogs) that might have harmed them.
releasing rescued grey foxes in Cañada Honda
Pedro was the primary carer for the grey foxes when they were at the School
releasing rescued grey foxes in Cañada Honda
Free, and just about to scurry into the undergrowth

Fingers crossed that they found each other again after scurrying off in different directions, and that they grow to a ripe old age!


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