View down the snowy hill near my apartment block - locals leading the way to the harbour - Nuuk - Greenland

First day in Nuuk

My travel schedule for 2019 is very much centred on Greenland. Those of you who have chatted to me in the past 18 months know how obsessed I am with the place, so I was very excited to be able to collaborate with Guide to Greenland for this trip.

I actually started blogging for them after my first trip here in 2017 and you should definitely check out that blog for more stories from Greenland from yours truly!

My apartment is up on a hill in the suburb of Nuussuaq- out near the University and the airport.

Looking up at my apartment from the bottom of the snowy hill - Nuuk - Greenland
Looking up at my apartment block from the bottom of the snowy hill

While this might sound like a million miles away from the city centre, given how small Nuuk is (it only has a population of 18,000 people), it means I have about a 3km walk to get to town.

On my first morning, I headed out from home at 7:30am … well before the Sun had risen. Rather than walk down the road (which initially heads in the wrong direction), I followed some locals straight down the steep snowy slope that passes behind the Recycling Centre and ends near a part of Nuuk Harbour.

View down the snowy hill near my apartment block - locals leading the way to the harbour - Nuuk - Greenland
Locals leading the way down to the road that runs along Nuuk Harbour in the pre-dawn light

Fortunately it wasn’t too slippery, and I managed to make it down without falling! Still testing out my snow legs!

I asked Maps.Me to show me the best way to walk into town, and set off following its trail of blue dashes.

Maps.Me screenshot showing the walking route from my apartment into Nuuk
This is apparently the best walking route from my apartment into Nuuk

This led me along a convoluted route between apartment buildings that were absolutely silent in a world muted by snow. I’d never really experienced something like this before, and I was surprised at how much a thick layer of snow changes the soundscape.

Dark images of walking between apartment buildings on my way to work in Nuuk - Greenland
It’s quite dark when I walk in to town at the minute and my trail leads me through blocks of apartment buildings

The centre of Nuuk is relatively flat, and when I visited here 2 years ago I didn’t really venture too far beyond that. However, walking in from the suburbs quickly had me reassessing my view of Nuuk – it is quite a hilly place and there are staircases everywhere!

My route into town led me up and down several staircases, with this 240-stair monster providing an incredible view over the harbour.

View of Nuuk Harbour from the top of one of the many staircases in the city

Move cursor over image to see full panorama

Looking carefully at the end of the straight road heading through the above panorama, you can see the next staircase I was heading towards leading up the snowy bank to a passing bus. This is the last staircase on my walk into town (which is just behind the hill), and there is another amazing view back down over the harbour from the top.

View of ships in Nuuk harbour
View of ships in Nuuk Harbour from the top of the staircase

The offices of Guide to Greenland are very close to the center of town and really lovely inside.

Exterior and interior of the offices at Guide to Greenland - Nuuk
The road leading to the offices of Guide to Greenland (the light blue building to the left) and the Nuuk Center (the tall grey building on the right) of the panorama. The middle and bottom images show the great setup of the offices

My station is the one over in the corner with a vinyl copy of Nanook’s latest album right beside me on the windowsill 👍👍 No, I didn’t put it there. It was there when I arrived 😂

Image of where I'm working from at the Guide to Greenland offices
Eeeeek! A Mac! And I swore I’d never use one again… I do very much like what is keeping me company on the windowsill though!

I had a great day getting my bearings and chatting with everyone, and am really looking forward to my time collaborating with this awesome bunch of people!

Then, about 4pm, it was time for the walk home. Yes, the days are quite short at the minute, and that 240-stair staircase gives you quite a workout when you are heading up it!

Looking up at the 240 stairs on the way home - Nuuk - Greenland
Oh boy! The start of the 240 stairs leading up. It was much easier coming down!

It was quite dark by the time I’d reached the bottom of the snowy slope below my apartment, but I’d forgotten (didn’t think to bring) my headlamp. So time for the phone to guide the way!

Image of phone with flashlight on and my apartment in the background - Nuuk - Greenland
Walking in snow in the dark is challenging. You can’t quite make out the lay of the land … hence flashlight!

It’s always nice to arrive home, as Greenlandic houses are very well heated. You strip off in a “mud room” just inside the door before venturing further into the house.

I love where I’m staying – here’s a nice little tour of the inside.

Living room and kitchen of the apartment
Living, kitchen, walk through the hallway “mudroom” into the bedroom. I also have a small bathroom with washing machine

Yes, it is small – and the kitchen is challenging for someone who loves to cook (even though I have almost everything I need).

But it is perfect for my stay here this time and I love it!


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