Pricing and Packages

Melbourne wedding photography pricing and packages

My wedding photography packages start at $2900 (inc GST) with the final price dependent on your exact requirements.

Please contact me for a free PDF that outlines my standard wedding collections and give you an idea of my pricing and the types of things that are included in the various price ranges.  Please include some details around your wedding so that I can provide you with a draft timeline and recommendations for your day along with the PDF in my return email. Ultimately the cost of the package will depend on the product you would like to invest in as well as the number of hours of photography you would like on the day.

Customise your wedding photography package

You do not have to fit neatly into one of these standard packages.   My preference is to meet with you in person (or via Skype if you are not in Melbourne) to discuss your actual wedding photography requirements and custom design a personalised package that suits your individual needs. This is a no-obligation coffee and chat to see whether our personalities click and you would be comfortable having me as your wedding photographer.  At the same time it will also allow us to talk more about the plans for your wedding, discuss what style of photography you like, gain an understanding of what might be achieved photographically given the time schedule for your day and for you to experience the different photography products I offer in my packages.


Next Steps

Make a booking

Book in now to arrange your no-obligation coffee and chat so that we can work together to personalise your wedding photography package and you can experience my wedding products for yourself. If you are not in Melbourne, contact me to arrange a Skype call.

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