Be talkative! What to discuss with your wedding photographer

things to discuss with your wedding photographer

To get the most out of your wedding photography, there are several key things you should be prepared to discuss with your wedding photographer at your initial consultation.

Important things to discuss with your wedding photographer

  • Theme.  Many weddings have a theme, whether it be a colour theme or something a little more elaborate (e.g. a Broadway theme).  Make sure you explain the theme to your wedding photographer and why you have chosen it (what is its significance).
  • Style. Show your photographer examples of images that you love.  You may have found these on the internet or in wedding magazines. They will give your photographer a good idea of the style you would like to go for with your wedding photography. Note: you should already have made sure that this style matches the wedding photography style of your photographer.
  • Venues.  Is there a particular reason you have chosen the venues/locations you have?  Do they hold some special significance to you?  If so, explain the significance and the emotions associated with it to your wedding photographer.
  • Shot list. Make a list of all the “must have” photos and give it to your photographer. Explain the significance of special jewellery and clothing shots. For group shots, remember that your wedding photographer will not know most of the people, so arrange for a bridal party or family member to help the photographer by rounding up the relevant people at the appropriate time during the wedding day.
  • Time allocated for photography. Make sure that as a couple, you have discussed and agreed to a certain amount of time for photography.  You need to let your photographer know the amount of time you have agreed upon so that they know how much time they have to create the images and advise you on a photography timetable for your day.
  • Your own photography ideas. If you have specific ideas for photographs you would like to have, let your photographer know! A wacky example might be building a human pyramid for an image of your bridal party.
  • Your interests. Discuss your own individual interests with your photographer.  e.g. Do you play in a band?  Is that where you met your partner?  Your wedding photographer may be able to incorporate elements of this into your wedding photography.
  • Tricky situations. If special circumstances exist between any of the guests, let your photographer know so that they can avoid uncomfortable situations.

Another opportunity for final discussions with your wedding photographer is to invite them to your wedding rehearsal.  This will allow the photographer to meet the wedding party and officiant, familiarise themselves with the venue(s) and pass along important information to others who will be involved in the photos on the day.

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