What shoes should I wear for wedding photos?

shoes for wedding photos - heels vs flats

Killer heels are statement pieces in any bridal fashion. But they aren’t so great for walking around during wedding photos – especially if locations include parks and beaches.

Change into flat shoes for wedding photos

If you have a floor-length wedding gown and sky-high heels, I always recommend investing in a pair of flat shoes to change into during the wedding photos (bridal portraits).

Several of my brides have taken this advice and applied their creativity to discover shoes ranging from a really cute pair of Crocs for a beach wedding, to flats with a striking colour matched to their flowers or detail on their dress. All of them commented afterwards how much easier it was to get around from place to place and what a relief it was to have a break from the heels between the ceremony and the reception!

The advantage of a second pair of shoes for wedding photos

Apart from giving your feet a well-earned rest, changing into flat shoes for your wedding photos also:

  • keeps your main pair of wedding shoes in great condition – an important consideration if you are investing in quality heels for your wedding day
  • means you won’t squelch your way through the reception if it is a bit damp outside
  • gives you the perfect excuse to buy another pair of shoes 😉

And from a photographer’s perspective, changing into flat shoes means that we can move more quickly between locations allowing even more variety for your wedding photos.

Have your bridesmaids also invest in flat shoes for wedding photos

If you are going to invest in a second pair of wedding shoes, it is a good idea to encourage your bridesmaids to do the same.  We can only move as fast as the slowest walker – so if you are equipped to stride up the beach but your bridesmaids are not, we will still have to move slowly and be limited in the variety of photographs taken.

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