Wedding photography style – selecting your wedding photographer

Reading through the websites of different wedding photographers, you might think that there are a wide range wedding photography styles. Traditional, photo-journalistic, candid, posed, classic, casual, natural… How are you supposed to know what these mean or which one is right for you?

Ignore the wedding photography style jingo

There is really only one secret to shortlisting potential wedding photographers and determining the style of your wedding photography:

choose wedding photographers with image portfolios that really speak to you

Don’t get caught up in the terminology.  If you prefer “candid” photos, you will naturally be drawn to wedding photographers whose portfolios reflect this style.  If you would prefer more dramatic, fashion-inspired photography for your wedding portraits, you should shortlist photographers whose portfolio demonstrates skill in this area.

Interview your wedding photographer about their style

Once you’ve shortlisted potential wedding photographers, make sure you question them about their style during your initial consultation. Ask them what they mean by “natural”, “candid” and the other terminology they have used on their website. They should be able to explain what they mean by giving you examples of how they work.

View at least one complete wedding album

Most wedding photographers have online portfolios and this is generally how you will shortlist photographers you would like to interview. However, keep in mind that these online images are the very best taken by the photographer over many weddings. 

Make sure you see a complete album of images from one wedding.

You will see whether the wedding photography style is consistent throughout the entire day or is a mixture of different types (which is not a bad thing). It will also show you the different types of images the photographer shoots and give you an indication of the “hit and miss’ rate – before you make your final decision.

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