Choosing your wedding photographer – personality is important

Choosing your wedding photographer can be a daunting task. So many beautiful wedding images, so many different wedding packages. It can easy to forget the most important consideration – do you actually like the photographer as a person?

Query yourself about your wedding photographer

When interviewing wedding photographers, I recommend asking yourself a few hypothetical questions:

Could I be friends with this person?
Will my family and friends get along with this person?

And if so:

Would I want to invite them to my wedding as a guest?

Why is the personality of your wedding photographer so important?

It may seem like a strange scenario to play out in your head but remember:

  • your wedding photographer is essentially a guest at your wedding and will need to fit in as such
  • your wedding photographer will be interacting with your family and friends and will need to be liked by them as well
  • you will spend more time with your wedding photographer on your wedding day than almost anyone else, so don’t hire someone that you don’t want to be around
  • what you are feeling on your wedding day will be revealed in your photos. If you find the personality of your wedding photographer to be irritating or abrasive, your reaction to this will come through in the photos – no matter how hard you smile.

You should get a “gut-instinct” feel in your initial consultation as to whether or not your wedding photographer will be a good fit personality-wise.  However, if you love the images but are still unsure, arrange a second meeting or hire them for an engagement shoot so that you can see how they will operate and interact with people.  This should give you a very good indication of whether the photographer is right for you.

It doesn’t matter how experienced or talented a wedding photographer is, if your personalities don’t gel, look elsewhere.

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