From wedding gown to cocktail dress – get the most from your investment

double duty - wedding gown and cocktail dress

Most brides visit specialty wedding boutiques to select their perfect wedding gown – a dress they will wear once and then store away for safe-keeping. However, there is an alternative…

Wedding gowns that do double-duty

Several of my brides have chosen to limit the amount of money they spend on their wedding gown, preferring instead to invest more in capturing memories of their day through high-quality photography, and the party for their friends and family.

Rather than shopping specifically in bridal boutiques, they have opted for elegant off-the-rack dresses from David Jones, Myer or other regular stores for as little as a few hundred dollars and brightened them up with coloured sashes and other accessories. The bride featured in this photo was over the moon with her wedding dress which came in at less than $200 (her bridesmaid created the orange sash).

The wedding gown challenge

It can be a challenge to find the perfect dress that will match the style of your wedding. But once you find it – it is an amazing investment that will live on to do double-duty as a cocktail dress once the ceremony and reception are over.

It must be said that it is probably easier to find a dress like this for a summer wedding, but if you enjoy shopping and are looking to invest more heavily in other areas of your big day, check out the department stores and small clothing boutiques in places like Chapel Street to see what you can find.

A quick Google image search on “cocktail wedding dress” is a great place to start for some inspiration.

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