What if it rains on my wedding day? Preparation tips.

preparing for rain on my wedding day

I am based in Melbourne and it rains – a lot. So I am often asked the question “what happens if it rains on my wedding day?”

First of all – congratulations! Rain on your wedding day is meant to bring good luck to your marriage. But I do understand that it can disrupt the plans you have made for your perfect wedding. The secret is to build wet weather options into your wedding planning and prepare for it early.

Always have a Plan B for rain on your wedding day

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, you should already be talking about “Plan B” with your wedding coordinator, celebrant and wedding venue. However, it is equally important to discuss Plan B with your wedding photographer.

Even if you are getting married inside and having your reception inside, you will probably want at least some of your bridal portraits taken outside. For this reason, I always talk about the need for a “Plan B” during our initial wedding photography consultation.

Heavy rain on my wedding day – Plan B inspiration

  • Public areas of fancy hotels.  This is easier to arrange if you are getting ready or staying at the hotel and needs to be discussed with the hotel in advance.
  • “Bridal rooms” at some wedding reception venues.  Ask if your reception venue has specific areas set aside for the bride and groom that could be used in case of rain.
  • Other public buildings/constructions in the vicinity that offer undercover areas.  I always scout wedding and reception venues in advance and try to find buildings and other constructions (e.g. bridges) that could be used for bridal portraits in the rain.  I’ve even used a shopping centre for one of my previous weddings – it’s amazing the things you can find when you start to look around!
  • Hire out a fancy public building for an hour.   For example, one of my brides hired out the Royal Exhibition Centre in Melbourne’s Carlton Gardens for an hour.  It may be cheaper than you think and, depending on the architecture, offers the potential for truly awesome bridal portraits.
  • For a more casual feel, see if there is a cafe nearby with decor you love.  Never hurts to ask whether it would be possible to use part of the space in a pinch for wet weather – most people are very accommodating for wedding parties.

Light rain on my wedding day – continue with Plan A

If it is only raining lightly on your wedding day and there isn’t much wind, it may still be possible to follow the original plan.  If you are willing to get a little damp and if you make sure that each person in your bridal party comes equipped with an umbrella – we can still venture outside. 

Plain black umbrellas are classic, but you could also opt for brightly coloured umbrellas if your wedding theme is more casual and fun.  I would also recommend for the girls at least to bring a second pair of flat shoes to change into. This means you won’t have to squelch your way through the reception and flats allows us to walk more quickly from place to place meaning we can head back inside sooner.

I fully admit we are all going to get a little damp, but we can get some fantastic shots incorporating the umbrellas.

Don’t let rain on your wedding day dampen your spirits

Provided you’ve put a bit of thought into your Plan B, made all the relevant arrangements and have umbrellas and a second pair of shoes at hand, you shouldn’t let rain on your wedding day get you down.  If we can shoot outside, overcast skies gives even light with no harsh shadows which means your photos will turn out beautifully.

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