Adding personal touches – ideas for your wedding reception

Travel photos at a wedding reception - an example of how to personalise your reception inexpensively

Wedding reception venues often provide everything, including all the decorations.  However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t add your own personal touches to make your reception truly your own.

Wedding reception details – coming up with ideas

There are many different ways to come up with ideas for your wedding reception. You might like to think about:

  • where and how you met each other
  • what you like to do together
  • what you do for work
  • where you are going for your honeymoon

The list is endless but I’ll give you a couple of examples of personalising a wedding reception using 3 of the above 4 ideas:

In the wedding shown above, the bride and groom met and fell in love while both were working overseas.  They travelled extensively together and personalised their wedding reception by selecting and printing out photos of the two of them from each of the trips they had done together. They scattered some of these on the cake table and made others into table markers so guests were seated in one of the locations the couple had visited.

For my brother’s wedding in March this year, they have chosen to personalise their wedding reception around a work theme. They are incorporating test tubes and beakers (representing my brother’s work as a chemist) into which they they are placing flowers made of paper (representing his fiancee’s work as a graphic designer).

It takes a bit of imagination, but adding your own touches to your wedding reception will make it feel like it is uniquely yours.

For more ideas on how to personalise your wedding reception (some inexpensive, some not), have a look at Bridal Guide’s “75 ways to Personalise your Wedding”.


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