Personalise your wedding bouquet with non-traditional wedding flowers

unusual wedding flowers for your wedding bouquet

Traditionally, bridal bouquets feature soft, pastel-coloured flowers such as roses, lilys and hydrangeas. While these classic wedding flowers are beautiful and stylish, you might consider asking your florist for some alternate wedding flower ideas.

Match your wedding flowers to your wedding colour theme

An easy way to personalise your wedding bouquet is to add flowers with a bold colour to match the colour theme of your wedding. For example, having an ocean wedding? Consider adding some blue flowers to your bouquet to represent the water. Having a rainforest wedding? Incorporate a range of greenery into your wedding bouquet.

Adding colour to your wedding bouquet will make it stand out in wedding photographs

Another advantage of adding colour to your wedding flowers is that it will make your bouquet stand out in your wedding photographs. Imagine holding your wedding bouquet made of white and ivory flowers against your white or ivory wedding dress. To a certain level, the flowers are going to disappear against the dress. Adding a pop of colour in your wedding flowers will really bring them out.

Which florists will help me create a non-traditional wedding bouquet?

I love the wedding bouquets created by Flos Florum in Malvern in Melbourne. Many of the brides I’ve worked with have consulted with Flos Florum, and their wedding bouquets always include a unique and colourful element that really brings the flowers alive in wedding photos. The bouquet in the image above is from Flos Florum.

If you would like to incorporate unusal wedding flowers into your bouquet, let your florist know up front and ask their advice.

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