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What is the one moment from your wedding day that you really want to carry in your heart and mind forever? For many, it is when they first lay eyes on the person they are about to marry.

Usually the first time the bride and groom see each other on their wedding day is when the bride appears at the start of the wedding ceremony to walk down the aisle.  Given a typical ceremony schedule, this means that there is no time for the bride and groom to connect emotionally, really talk to each other,drink each other in and savour the moment.  Before you know it, you are saying your vows, kissing, walking back down the aisle into a sea of well-wishers, being whisked off for a wedding photo shoot and then off to the wedding reception.  You often don’t get to spend a quiet moment alone until well into the evening!

Take time – schedule a private first look wedding moment

An alternative – and a way to carve out some private time in a very public day – is to arrange a first sight or first look wedding moment to occur before the ceremony.  Typically your photographer will find a quiet location away from any guests and position the groom. The bride will then appear from behind and either tap the groom on the shoulder or call his name when she is ready for him to turn around. The reactions of both the bride and the groom are always priceless as they see each other for the first time.

Incorporating a first look wedding moment into your day allows you to enjoy a quiet moment together and emotionally connect before being caught up in the whirlwind of your wedding.  Your wedding photographer will capture this special moment from a discrete distance, and wedding photos (bridal portraits) can be taken straight after if you wish, allowing you to head off to the wedding reception with your guests straight after the ceremony.

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