Can your family and friends see your wedding ceremony?

a stage for your wedding ceremony

Couples select their wedding ceremony venue for many reasons. It may be the church they attended while they were were growing up, it may be the most beautiful place they’ve ever seen, or it may simply fit within the budget and be located just around the corner from home. If you are selecting your venue for personal and sentimental reasons – then you should definitely get married there. However, if you are just looking around for a nice place, take note of how well your family and friends will be able to see and hear the ceremony.

What to look for in your wedding ceremony venue and what to ask your celebrant

One of the best ways to ensure your family and friends will enjoy the ceremony is to check the following:

  • does the venue has a raised platform on which the celebrant and the bride and groom (and perhaps the bridal party) stand or sit?  This is the best way to ensure everyone can see what is going on.
  • ask the celebrant whether you will be facing your friends and family (or at least each other), or will the ceremony be conducted with your backs towards the audience.  If the latter, ask whether you can change this so that your audience feels like they are part of what is going on.
  • ask whether sound from the celebrant microphone is relayed through an in-built audio system or whether it is carried by a portable system.  Where possible (and it may not be possible for outdoor weddings) try not to use portable systems as they can cut in and out if they are not well maintained and hooked up correctly.
  • ask whether there will be microphones available for the bride and groom for the vows, and whether the sound can be broadcast through the venue speakers (same as the celebrant’s microphone).  It is important that your guests are able to hear as well as see what is going on.

Keep these things in mind and put yourself in an audience seat when chooing your wedding ceremony venue to make sure your guests can see, hear and enjoy the experience.

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