Black and white wedding photography vs colour images

black and white wedding photography vs colour images

One of the questions you should be asking each of your shortlisted wedding photographers is how they handle requests for black and white wedding photography. Does your wedding photography package only include colour images or does it also include a full set of black & white images? Or do you specifically have to ask for black and white versions of particular wedding photos, and will there be an additional charge?

Black and white wedding photography – the digital way

If your wedding photographer uses a digital camera, they will most likely shoot your entire wedding in colour. The reason being – it is relatively easy to convert a colour image to a black and white image in post-processing. It is impossible to successfully convert a B&W image into colour.

That being said, the standard colour to B&W conversion that Photoshop and other image editing software applies does not necessarily give you the best black and white result. It does, however, give you a good indication of whether a particular photo will “work” in that style.

Not every wedding image will work in black and white

The best wedding images for B&W conversion are those with a fair amount of contrast and a wide tonal range. Your wedding photographer should be able to show you which images will work better than others, but if you want to decide for yourself, ask your wedding photographer to give you a full set of standard conversion B&W images. Have a look through and you will easily pick out those images that really shine in black and white.

Ask your wedding photographer for what you want

In the end, it is your wedding and your wedding photography. If you want the image in black and white, simply ask your photographer to convert it for you. Just make sure you know in advance how your wedding photographer handles black and white wedding photography requests and understand up front what additional charges may be applied.

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