Add a splash of colour to your wedding dress

Incorporate colour in your wedding dress for a unique look

Most brides follow tradition and choose to be married in a beautiful wedding dress of white or ivory. All of my brides have followed this tradition, but a few of them have put a unique spin on it by adding a splash of bright colour.

Brighten your wedding dress with a sash

If you are opting for a simple wedding dress – perhaps one you’ve pickup up off the rack in a regular store – have a think about adding colour. Several of my brides have done this by adding a brightly coloured sash that reflected the colour theme of their wedding. They then went on to either:

  • match the flowers in their wedding bouquet;
  • match their makeup;
  • match their shoes; or
  • match their jewellery

to the colour of the sash.

Where do you get sashes for your wedding dress?

Some of my brides dusted off their DIY skills to create their own sash from material they love. This added yet another personalised touch to their wedding. However, there are many places online where you can purchase sashes and ribbons. Light in the Box is one example.

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  1. rosemarry September 4, 2012 at 6:55 pm #

    Very good idea for adding color to a traditional simple white dress,i’m always tired of being normal, you inspired me a lot!

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