About me

Lisa Germany Photography - Melbourne wedding, portrait, corporate event photographerI started taking imaginary photos the age of 4 with an old door latch that served as my camera. Unfortunately I don’t remember any of these early “photos”, but it is from this make-believe beginning that my passion for photography has grown.

I began to focus on photography while working as a professional astronomer at an international astronomical observatory in Chile.  I’ve always been drawn to remote and unusual places, and South America provided the perfect inspiration to develop my photography.  I have since visited many places that are off-the-beaten-path and you can find a selection of images from some of these travels in my World galleries.

While I still take every opportunity to photograph fascinating places around the world, my focus is now to work with people and help them tell their stories through high-quality imagery.   With my wedding photography clients, I take the time to get to know them so that I can personalise the photography to reflect their style and personality.   With my corporate event photography clients,  I take a photo-journalistic approach to the event, capturing moments as they happen and the atmosphere of the function.

Every life is full of interesting stories.  I would love to work with you to bring your stories to life.